Nfs share to a media centre


I am looking to move away from Windows, but I need to get a alternative OS to do what I achieve in Windows... and I'm a total Linux newbie.

Currently I have a raspberry pi running kodi to play movies on the TV which connects to my desktop using HANE win NFS share. Its pretty easy to set up, just put the ip address range and select the media folders. Its run as a service so I don't even need to login, the kids can just turn the PC on and once it reaches the login screen they can select their films or TV. Basically using the desktop as a cheap NAS.

I need to do this with Zorin. I am aware of SAMBA but no idea how to configure it. The media is in "other locations" on a Windows drive. (/dev/sda2)

Any help please? I presume I need the drive /dev/sda2 to be mounted when zorin starts up and then samba to run as a service that doesn't require login?

Is this possible?

Thanks for your patience

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As I recall, Zorin OS 15 Pro included Kodi. If you have used Kodi before, you already have some confidence in this task:

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