No any NTFS formatted device is working

My DVD and no any ntfs/fat/fat32 formatted pen-drive is working. only ext2/4 devices are working properly. i have already try copy /dev/dvdrw /mnt/dvdrw and open disk option and edit as "mount at system start-up' and "show in user interface' i have change mount point with several options but result is still zero.
Can any buddy help me to remove this problem.

First, I recommend re-installing Zorin OS. All of the above should read by default. If it was one or two things... You could just try installing some software but all of it? Something has gone wrong. A reinstallation is your best bet.

But, if you like, you can try installing the following:

sudo apt install exfat-fuse

sudo apt install ntfs-3g

sudo apt install libdvd-pkg

If the above works; I would recommend staying wary of anything else that may not bee working correctly that you have not noticed yet.

If the above does not work, I definitely recommend reinstalling Zorin OS.

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