No boot in my laptop


hope this post finds you well.
please get ready to read a most exciting adventure.
hope you will eventually be able to help me.

i wanted to install zorin os core alongside my windows 10
so i shrinked my main partition to create an unallocated space for zos
when i wasn’t able to install it on the empty one, i just told zos to “install itself alongside windows”
it worked
i had a dual boot for two different os
then, i decided to delete the empty partition and do something i saw somewhere with easybcd

at that point, i lost my dual boot

the i watched this video

and i thought “could i should’ve watched it earlier”
nevermind, at least i found out easybcd create a backup of your bootloader when you install it
so i backedup my bootloader

i restarted my laptop
and it was giving this error

i basically destroyed any bootloader i believe?

anyway, i started zorin using my usb drive and created another usb drive from which booting a windows 10 installation
i tried the “repair my computer” option as suggested, but none of the troubleshoots worked

the only thing left would be reinstalling windows, which, i guess, would reset my laptop
and i would happily avoid that

does anyone knows a way to rescue me from this disaster?

please do let me know if you can help

many many thanks

Two very similar threads:

I wonder if the post I linked to in that thread may help you as well.

Thank you very much.
I tried the different options, but they don’t work.

I think I somehow completely deleted the “master” bootloader for windows if it is possible? So, there’s nothing I can actually restore. I think.

I found a way to access gnu grub, but I have no idea what to do once there.

I might try the boot-repair-disk app that’s suggested in the same thread you posted and see if that works. Fingers crossed.

It is possible to accidentally delete the Windows MBR, Master Boot Record.
Whether that is what happened to you, I do not know.

I’m pretty sure that’s what I did.

In that case, is there anything you think I can do?
Beside resetting my laptop and install Zorin OS?

I did a web search and grabbed this:

If you can use System Restore to save any backups and restore Windows after a reinstall, that may be the way to go, too. I am not really sure if you have that option available to you. I would not want to say anything I am not sure about and you lose your data.

I tried the FixMbr (and also chainloader throught grub) before your post and they didn’t work.
I have tried the diskpart option for windows 10 showed in your last link and didn’t work neither.

I guess my last chance is going to be that software mentioned before.
Otherwise, I’ll reset everything.

And, yeah, also backups through System Restore are gone, even though I’m sure there was one done on the 20th February before all of this happened.

Guess it might all be a big sign that I need to migrate to linux?


That actually is what finally got my duff off of Windows.
My HDD died.
Someone had given me a copy of Zorin OS on disk some months before. I tossed it aside like, “Whatever…”
I pulled it out of whatever hidy hole it fell into, blew the dust off of it and pretty much did a lot of hairpulling trying to get used to learning Linux.
In hindsight, I wish I had started out on Zorin Lite instead of Zorin Core. Gnome is NOT user friendly- at all.
But as I began getting the hang of it, the less I needed of Windows. Now, I do not even bother installing WINE or anything.


@mms I got myself in a mess back in Z12 dual-boot WinXP days. I was looking at possible Win reinstallation but unhappy to do that without exploring all other options first. I ran the Boot Repair Disk utility using its defaults and it fixed it. No guarantees though.

Well, I’ve installed Zorin Core and reset my laptop.
Nothing worked, so, I entered the linux community now I guess.

Thank to you both for the help and support. :slight_smile:
Take care.