"No Bootable Device" Message

Long time Linux home user here. I decided to give Zorin OS a whirl on my empty SSD. I reached a snag promptly. I can't boot into a Zorion OS usb iso or a cd iso because both say, "no bootable devices found."

Secure Boot disabled. UEFI is active on default factory settings. ALL other distros I've ever tried on my 7 month old Dell Precision 3640 desktop have no trouble reading iso's. And I'm a bit of a distrohopper.

I read that others have had this problem with this distro. Any help on getting this resolved?

bumdeedharma, I note "Dell" computer in your post.
Please see this thread and this post noting the ZorinGroups suggestion of a workaround to installation as they work on making a permanent fix. The good news is: It is actively being addressed:


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