No Choices on my Log-in Screen Anymore

I just noticed that I can't choose Gnome on my log-in screen any more ... it ain't there ... only Xfce .... see photo

How do you do these things?
A million games out of nowhere...
Your desktop disappears...

sudo apt install zorin-os-desktop

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Guess I'm just talented ... LOL

OK I guess that ran OG but I got this screen at the end and when I tried to close it I got this ....

Do NOT close that window.
Hit enter on the OK
Then choose LightDM

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OK caught it just in the nick of time .... gonna restart and check it out .... don't go away .... LOL

Frog, you may need to run

sudo apt install --reinstall lightdm

In the meantime... We need to work on your terminal use. You Must Read The output. It tells you what it is doing. What it is removing, what it is installing.
You cannot treat it like Windows or a EULA and not read it.


OK well that worked so good I now have 3 .... Xfce .... Gnome and Gnome on Wayland ....

Should I run sudo apt install --reinstall lightdm ????

Don't you know Frog, you always have a choice. Its called XFCE.

And reality is, you've already made the choice, you just came to us, so we could help you understand it.

You are now converted to XFCE, congratulations, Gnome is no longer in your vocabulary. The more you fight it, the worse it gets.



I don't know... is your Log In screen Normal and as you remember it?

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Yes it looks just like it did ... I'm not planing on using Gnome again as I am getting used to XFCE ... I was just curious when I clicked on the choices and Gnome was missing ... I have no idea when it disappeared as it has been weeks since I checked it ....


XFCE probably burried it in its updates. XFCE was like, NO! The Gnome monster may not be allowed to boot up again. Away with you Gnome. Burried so fast, its smokin!

the mask GIF


For the record, XFCE will not delete users Gnome-Desktop when they are not looking.


Oooooooooooooooooooh that is nice ... I think I checked it because I am going to try and check out KDE .... and I'm sure it will come up in the choices ...

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