No In Place Upgrade 1-1/2 YEARS LATER - NOT A HAPPY CAMPER

 A year and a half after I purchased the pro version, at which time Zorin developers CLAIMED they were working on in-place upgrades, NO SUCH EXISTS.

 Now I am FORCED to upgrade because the absolutely antique version of Ubuntu zorin ripped off for Zorin 15, (Ubuntu 16.04) has no support for bpfilters and the current Linux kernel, 6.0, has deprecated the old iptables interface making it necessary to upgrade.

 My machine has support for things like external remote desktops via x2go, remote desktop, VNC, and guacamole, some of which, especially Guac, is non-trivial to install, configure, and get operational, and I also have many self-compiled apps that need to be re-compiled.

 Given the lack of support in this simple area, I am not re-installing the pro-version, just going with the 'core' this time around.  And still, Zorin 16 rather than being based upon the current Ubuntu LTS of 22.04, is STILL based on a 2-1/2 year old version.
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@nanook ,
I can certainly understand your frustration.

I'd like to suggest that you contact @AZorin and @zorink directly and relay your concerns. They really have the best idea of what kind of time-frame we are looking at here. I can say that the ZorinGroup did recently relay the progress they have made and that the Direct Upgrade path has been a priority.

I'd like to clarify (we all can make typos) that Zorin OS 15 is based on Ubuntu 18.04.
Zorin OS 12 was based on Ubuntu 16.04.
Can you please double check the edition of Zorin OS you are currently using?

Perhaps we can see what methods we can use to help you with your situation.