No Internet connection after "Wired" setting disappeared in Zorin 5.11.0-38

I was using Linux 5.11.0-27-generic version and got a notification about software updates. Once running the updates, the system told me not everything could be installed but that I could use the "install partial updates" or something. Afterwards, I let the process remove any obsolete packages.

However, after the update and restarting my system, I no longer am connected to the Internet because the "Wired" settings have disappeared. I do have the "VPN" and "Firewall" options, however.

Can anyone help?

Did you manually install any driver for your network card?
If that is the case, you need to reinstall that driver after each kernel update unless you also install dkms.

For a temporary solution, you can also boot into a previous .37 kernel and delete this .38 kernel from Synaptic package manager.

I don't remember installing anything network related with Zorin since I initially installed it.

I do dual-boot Windows 10 on the same machine, but I doubt that would influence anything since I'm typing this on the old kernel version.

Would I need to upgrade to .38 again at a later point or should I just skip this version altogether?

Good question.
I myself holding back this .38 kernel at the moment after I saw some NVidia related issues. Skipping one kernel version should not have any ill effect on your system.

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Well, it is indeed possible that your network manager didn't get installed properly. Here are some possible commands that may work for you.

CTRL ALT T to enter terminal.

sudo dhclient eth0

sudo apt-get re-install network-manager

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