No notification icon in the taskbar?


I am a new user of Zorin OS. I realize that when I receive a notification, there is no notification icon or indicator. Is this normal?

How to solve this problem please?


If you click the clock, the notification messages should be stored there.

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Yes indeed. But if I get a notification while I am AKF, I have no indication on the screen that I have received a notification. (The icon of the application that received a notification is not highlighted or there is no icon (bell) to alert).

Interesting Idea, maybe they can change an icon or add colour or smthg.

Maybe I'm completely way off, but there's a dot next todate/time in the taskbar that indicate there's a notification.



Yeah, I get those too and that is an indication of new notification

How does your Zorin look?
I have the first one with the taskbar at the bottom.
You look like you have the fourth. Maybe that's why. The fourth one uses the default Gnome top bar probably, hence the notification indicator. This is not the case with the first appearance.

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Not having found a solution in the default configuration, I installed this Gnome extension: Notifications Alert - GNOME Shell Extensions. It allows to highlight the presence of a notification by changing the color of the text of the date/time and also the color of the background if needed.

When I get notifications from Telegram, KDE connect & etc. it doesn't show I think.

new notification still display at the top as if it is a GNOME layout, when the panel layout is at the bottom, the number 3 layout.

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Nope right on is where you are...

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