No puedo instalar zorin

Despues de darle instalar m manda a una lista de comandos y la verdad no le entiendo alguien m puede ayudar

Bienvenido al foro. ¿Puedes publicar una captura de pantalla de la misma.(Welcome to the forum. Can you post a screenshot of it.)


WOW .... and she speaks Spanish also .... LOL :clap: :clap:

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You know frog,
I am itching to show off my Japanese capability on this forum but so far I've got no luck :frowning:


LOL .... well if it any consolation to you the Mrs and I love to watch Japanese gangster movies .... most are dubbed in English but I can take some photos with my phone of the title pages and put them on here for you translate ..... we don't have to tell anyone where we got'um from .... LOL


Im learning languages because someone close to me love languages. hahahaba


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