no sound from 2 speakers (the laptop has 4 speakers) hp specter system zorin os 16.3 pro

Hello, my problem is different than the typical solutions on the forum. I have a HP Specter x360 convertable 13 inch laptop. After installing the Zorin system, there is sound only from the speakers at the bottom, but not from the speakers at the top.

Zorin has other drivers and used to 2 speakers. Possibly a driver problem. Might not be though because it normally detects your device and install necessary drivers for hardware.

Have you had a play with alsamixer sound channel settings?

Open terminal and type alsamixer
Then hit F5 to show "All" sound channels.
See if any speaker sliders are set muted [MM] or low.
Unmute by moving cursor to the channel and type M

If no luck maybe post a screenshot of your alsamixer display and we will try and help.

Edit: I dont know how new your HP Specter x360 convertable 13 inch laptop is. Maybe you need a later linux kernel if it is a recent device.

Edit2: In alsamixer hit F6. What sound card/s are listed. Post screenshot maybe.

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