No Swap partition

I have been using Zorin since the 15 version, no problem what so ever. But still I have a question - When I install the system I never use a swap partition, maybe because of the 16GB (2x 8GB memory i have installed). Instead after the installation there is a file on my root named "swapfile" aprox 2gb in size. - Is this usual and can it cause (security) problems or......

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It is normal to have swapfile. It is a part of the OS.

I agree, that its normal, but the installer doesn't seem to make the same choice for everyone. If I recall from the screenshot I just posted yesterday, Gparted showed no SWAP partition on my OS. Which could be due to the fact that Zorin auto detected I was using an SSD drive, and knew not to ruin it with a SWAP partition lol.

Swap file and swap partition are different things. Neither pose any serious security risk... Zorin OS creates a Swap File by default.
A swap file exists on the same partition as your Zorin OS installation.
A swap partition is on a separate partition - used for Hibernate, for example, in order to isolate it from that actions of the Zorin OS partition.


You can remove it if you think you don't need it.

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