No volume output and guest editions problem

Hi Having two problems with Zorin OS17
One is no volume out from boot if I disconnect and reconnect the output plug it works till I power off and boot buck again it doesn't disconnect if I do a reboot though I still have OS 16 on another hard drive and that works OK
Secondly using virtualbox can't get guest editions to install in Windows 7 tried every trick in windows registry to bypass no go works OK in OS 16,3 no trouble also works with Windows XP 64 bit in OS17 forgotten how fast and smooth XP was. I did read somewhere that Ubuntu 22.04 was released with bugs and that future updates would rectify but didn't say what the bugs were I have downloaded from 4 different sites all copies check out OK all give the same results I think I will stick with XP I need it for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects been using Adobe for 30 odd years it's the old dog new tricks syndrome I know there's Gimp and Blender

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So no sound from an audio output. Yes?
What sort of connection is it ? e.g. external speakers, headphones or something else.
What soundcard/s do you have? Is soundcard and the probematic sound output seen in Zorin>Settings>Sound

If worked good on Z16. Maybe try selecting "Advanced Options for Zorin" on boot, and select an older linux kernel to boot and test if that helps sound output.

Thanks Zabadabadoo for your input the volume problem is now cured, don't laugh but my 12year old great grandson cured the problem it was in the settings I had the output set to headphones not line out he then called me a Plonker.
Trouble being Delboy

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Its OK. You will be a Millionaire next year. Its a hard act to follow :slight_smile:

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