Node and Npm can be distrubed

I have installed the node 14 version recommended & the npm version is 6 which are complete requirements of the cast to tv but which didn't work still detects android tv

if I run sudo apt-get autoremove then its disturb node and npm configuration or what i can do

First run restore point, ( as backup)

As it says at the top.The following were auto installed, & are Not needed.

Yes run autoremove.

You Do not have to run autoremove, It will do it automatically on next update.

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Node version 14 will reach end-of-life in a few months. You might want to update to the latest long term support (LTS) version instead, currently at 18.

Did you install through the default package manager? I'm surprised it's so out of date... You can find more up-to-date versions through nodesource:

Install Node.js latest

Node.js release cycle

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@zenzen I stayed on node 14 because it's compatible with cast features using gnome extensions and previously I install a lot of time from node sources Curl's bases as the latest 12 16 18 but errors of npm didn't gnome yet till now.

here you can see it
Cast to tv

I think the node LTS version is supported with Cast features but can you recommend ( Share the source ) or I will install 18 LTS if it's compatible

why didn't upgrade to the latest node because it increases more errors in the node and npm

I have no idea if this will work on other versions of Node, sorry... the best test you can do is try :smiley: You still have a few months until this versions reaches end-of-life so you can confirm if this works in the meantime.

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@zenzen I take your advice & upgraded to the 18 LTS version and the extension are functional like before

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