"normal" display on app windows and in games

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I have this "watermark" or whatever it is in almost all apps and games. But it wasn't there from the beginning, it just came at some point. Is there any way to remove this writing? In some places it blocks the view of text or content.

You must be using Nvidia. I have seen this once before, back on the old Zoringroup forum. I think ... If I remember correctly, that in Nvidia Settings, gsync visual indicator needs to be disabled.
Let me search the web and see what I can find. It may take a while...

EDIT: Or not...

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Thanks, your first hint was enough. I had the last option enabled, you should also read through what you are changing.... xD

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I do not understand this statement.

It's not really that important. I just wanted to say that I should have read the description of the option, because it said that it creates this "watermark".

I should have read through your statement better. :grin:

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