Not quite MacOS - Might need additional plugins?


Before posting, I did check to see if the question had already been raised. :slight_smile:

I have installed both Zorin Pro and Pro Lite. Both with their own caveats. Lite version gets it a little closer, but still not correct. Almost pointless unless it is going to free up screen real estate.

I'm not a Linux wizz. But I am interested in learning. For now, my knowledge is limited.

Hoping someone can get let me know if this is configurable within Zorin settings, or if I can achieve this with additional extensions. Preferably Pro(Gnome). Happy to install Tweaks etc, just don't know what add-ons would be needed.

Context Menu in Taskbar :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Close/Min/Max in the taskbar :negative_squared_cross_mark:

Pro Lite:
Context Menu in Taskbar :white_check_mark:
Close/Min/Max in the taskbar :negative_squared_cross_mark:

I suggest that you use default layout and move it to the top and add/remove/move the stuff around to your likening. You'll find all of it in Zorin Appearance in core/pro gnome.

Then install Plank as Dock. You can even change the look of it by installing themes for plank from here:

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Hey @Storm, thanks for your suggestion. Personally not for me, but a good suggestion nonetheless..


I managed to make this work with two gnome extensions.

Fildem was tricky, I followed this guide.

As you can see, it fits nicely with apps that do and don't support the context menu.

Note: App Title can be hidden when menu shows if desired.

I have considered installing fildem in the past. How would you say is the experience? Is it consistent with all apps like Nautilus, Spotify, VLC, etc?

It only works for a few selected apps that have tab menu, like gimp, firefox, inkscape etc.


@Storm is right. It has limited support. So something like Nautilis would stay the same. But, for those apps with a menu bar, you can reduce your screen real estate and make it fit in nicely.

Worth it if you ask me.

Interesting I will give it a try in a live environment to see if it is worth installing it on my main machine. Thanks for the feedback.

One last question, does it play nice with the Hide Top Bar extension? I find Gnome unusable without it. Ik some extensions like Arch Menu don't play well with Hide Top Bar.

Unsure tbh. But please do post results here in case it helps someone :slight_smile:

Fildem is buggy. With some tricking, you can get a working macOS like global menu. I used XFCE and Dash to Panel in order to keep Gnome Panel as well.