NOTE: Grub2 Update 21 August 2021

I noted an update today that includes Grub2 updates. The course of running the update (in terminal) will give a Confirmation Dialogue asking whether to accept the changed grub configuration or to keep the existing one - or to compare the two.

Stay Alert as if you have needed custom grub parameters for your Graphics to properly display, etc, you want to ensure you keep your current Configuration OR Compare the two and ensure your custom parameters are kept.

Otherwise, you may experience changes in performance and spend some time trying to figure out what happened before adjusting grub again.


I can not find anything about grub2 update xD

What is the benefit ?

I did not read the EULA... I honestly don't know. :smiley: I just accepted it.

I usually am more discriminating, I admit, but it has been a busy few days.

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