Notification show time

Hey. Is there a setting for, how long time a notification is showing/active on screen?.

None that I am aware of by default in the OS. However, you can search Gnome-Extensions website for notification based extensions. Pick the one that you will like!

Once your browser integration is installed, then you can type Notifications in the search box, and install the one you want by clicking on the toggle button.

Thanks. What i was after was a way to set the time(lenght) the notification are showing on the screen, but thanks anyway.

Move down to Expiration timeout.

According to this, the notify-send -t_____ is used to specify a duration.
But I do not know what the syntax for that command it- I will look into it.

Soo then it looks like it is a program specific and not the system wide setting.

What tells you this?

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