Now this is weirdf ! I installed 16 Pro over 15.3 yet it still says 15.3

Not sure what I have or have not done correctly but I downloaded my bought 16 and followed the install instructions and thought I had it done.
But I have just noticed that it still says 15.3.
Am I going nuts ?

Probably not.
Did you install alongside 15.3 and then boot into 15.3?

Ah haa !
How do I see if that is the case.
I just turn the box on and there it is !

Tap the esc key or tab key starting at hte motherboard splash screen to pull up the Grub menu. See if you have more than one Zorin OS listed.

Yes many thanks. I do have 16 and am using it now.
On another post I mentioned not restoring the back up however I was trying to restore to 15.3 not 16.
I will try and restore now and see what happens.
Many thanks Aravisian, you're a champ :slight_smile:

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Like magic !! All restored... and so fast.
Talk about slick ! Zorin is King !

Many thanks

Just need to try my Windows LAN now.

When I try to access the Win LAN, I get Folder is Empty

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