Nvidia and Sound

I'm getting more and more curious why Nvidia driver updates often break my sound system. I get a "popping" as the output quickly changes from my desktop's default output to a second ouput (Nvidia card me thinks). I've tried blacklisting it and rebooting, sometimes works, often not. Only real solution I've found is to remove/reinstall Nvidia drivers and reboot. As an added bonus, this breaks my OpenCL in darktable (Flatpak), and that needs to be removed and reinstalled. Frustrating!


Are the nvidia drivers essential for you? I always had issues with nvidia drivers in earlier versions of Zorin which is why I only ever use the Nouveau drivers.


If you are sure that the problem is caused by NVIDIA, then you are on the wrong forum. Most of the Hard Ware related problems are solved by NVIDIA support using the bug report you provide for both Ubuntu and Windows OS.

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Yes, no openCL without it.

Thanks, I'll give it a shot. I'm not sure it's the cause, but it sure seems like it from the anecdotal evidence.

Sorry, forgot about that. Think you mentioned that in another thread.

No problem, openCL is a constant PIA.

What's weird about the Nvidia sound is that it occurs after system updates, not manual removal/install.