Nvidia driver installation removed packages

I installed nvidia drivers on my thinkpad W540 with a quadro K2100M. I had a little bit of trouble getting the drivers to install, but i got them to install after some troubleshooting. After the driver install was done i noticed that at least Google Chrome and System Monitor were removed along with some other packages i forgot about. Why could've this happened and how do i restore system monitor?

Most likely, you entered some commands during that troubleshooting that removed some dependencies.
Can you please clarify - you profile lists both Core and Lite. Which are you using on this computer?

I am using Core. I saw the package removals in the output of the nvidia installation so it could have not been me. Also the programs were working before they disappeared.

You can check for recent package removals by looking in /var/log/apt in the appropriate history log for the time frame in question.

Removing Nvidia should not, for any reason, remove Chrome Browser. They are not dependent on each other nor connected to each other.
There must be some other command that was run involved here.

Where can i find the log? I don't know much of linux

In the above directory.
In Core, you can use the Gnome Log Viewer in your app menu to look at your logs.

I didn't find anything about chrome except that it was succesfully launched

You might run

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop

Then reinstall whatever stand-alone apps like Chrome Browser that may be missing.

Everything seems to be back to normal. Thanks.

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