NVidia or Radeon - which is better for Linux

I used to think Radeon (AMD) is better supported in Linux.

But I recently see much people having an issue with Radeon GPU. It seems to me that NVidia (third party propitiatory driver) is more straightforward than Radeon (driver integrated in Linux kernel) to install.

I posed this question since I was thinking of my next desktop update which would happen in a coming few years.

Well on my HP OMEN with NVIDIA i dont have issues in zorin.

Im not play too many games and in zorin i just test Football Manager 2021 that run well.

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I suppose you are using a propitiatory driver?
In fact, everyone I had a chance to ask, no one seems to be using Nouveau.

Yes propretary drivers.

Why use Noveau? Any Pro and Cons?

(Im not expert, that's why Im asking)

For me, Noveau is a fallback driver when update failed to update propitiatory NVidia driver. Also there are some people who prefer to use open source apps and drivers only (but they are exceptional as I already say so in the above posting).

Ok i see, this is a Open source driver.


Noveau has been around for almost a decade. Compared with its early days, it made a vast improvement. But still it pales compared with the propitiatory driver.

Nvidia 1070 8 GB card here. Binary driver from Nvidia.. I'm a gamer. I never had any problems with this card.

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I don't think it matters if you aren't watching movies, manipulating images or gaming. As a desktop renderer, noveau would be more than adequate... for internet and documents as well. The only time you would want/need the proprietary drivers is for movies, images and gaming. They offer finer control over the hardware and efficiency (both processing and power) as well as supported/ better resolutions you may not have access to in noveau. This is more a preference thing as well as getting everything out of your machine that you paid for. Not to many are willing to pay for features they will never use.... manufacturers don't create that kind of following or sense of community as software developers do.