Nvidia Server X settings blank when opening

Nvidia server x settings blank when opening after switching from nvidia dedicated gpu to intel power saving mode.

I did a fresh install of zorin os 16 on my gf 65thin 10 ser msi laptop, booted up fine then I opened nvidia server x settings and switched to the intel power saving mode (iGPU), I restarted and attempted to open nvidia server x settings again but it opens up blank.

It seems like someone here found a solution to the same problem I was having but I dont know how to do the steps in the second post as I am new to linux.


thank you for your time, God bless.

This may be because the post in question is addressing a Linux Mint user and Mint uses Xed as their default text editor. (I also install and use Xed on Zorin OS; I prefer it over mousepad or Gedit...)
Zorin OS default is Gedit.

You can open a terminal with ctrl+alt+t

Paste in:

gedit admin:///usr/bin/prime-supported

It will give a password prompt and open the file in Gedit Text Editor.
Look for this line:

if [ -e "/var/lib/ubuntu-drivers-common/requires_offloading" ]; then

and change it to match this one:

if [ -e "/var/lib/ubuntu-drivers-common/requires_offloading" || true ]; then

Be sure to save the file before closing it out.
Reboot and test.


Yes it worked thank you nvidia server x settings now opens fine, tested switching back to nvidia performance gpu then back to intel and it opens fine no issues at the moment now. Thank you!

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