OEM Linux = The Death of MSFT

The top three PC vendors, Lenovo, HP and Dell, should get together and develop OEM Linux and announce that in a year, all of their computers will be sold with it as the only OS.

That would be 61% of the market, 70% if you don't count Apple. Adobe and the games will be forced to port.

Heck, they could just buy Zorin and put a few $million into it.

Hello privacy !? I am not sure if I stay with Zorin this way. I would go back to LMDE or else.

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I think that this statement may have influenced @Meho's reply:

I note:

  • Audacity
  • Waterfox...

The comment I quoted by the O.P. in which Tabnumlock suggested that Lenovo buy Zorin OS...
Which... that'll put hair on your chest.


Having an OS come as OEM doesn't change the privacy policy of that OS.

I was answering to this :
« they could just buy Zorin and put a few $million into it »
Trust me or not, I know what I'm saying

In my own example:

Both of these were good software, but each were bought by different Marketing companies and no longer respect user privacy.

If Zorin OS were to be bought by some large company, it would most certainly be altered.


Not only altered, but I could see a higher price tag; and a price on apps in Software.. Could be wrong, probably am lol But, based on how it usually goes - I could see some unfavorable changes..

I say keep it private :smirk:

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