Old HP ProBook: OS Core boots, OS Lite does not

I picked up a ~2016 vintage HP ProBook at a property auction, which means its boot configuration is LOCKED, and based on what I collected from the Windows OS before I wiped it (this is NOT a dual boot), its BIOS mode is set to "Legacy."
I'd like to use Zorin Lite on this machine, but after the installation it will not boot, issuing the "BootDevice not found, Hard disk (3F0)" error. However, an install of Zorin Core WORKS.
When I install Core with no adjustment to the partitioning, it keeps two partitions: a small vfat partition, which has the boot flag set, is mounted as /boot/efi, and mounts with umask=0077 (contents are hidden); and an extended partition with one logical ext4 drive to cover the rest of the OS.
I've attempted to install OS Lite in the "full wipe" mode, and also have tried maintaining the arrangement created by Core after installing that. No matter what I try, I cannot get Lite to boot after an install. Anybody know what's the trick I'm missing? I've flashed the USB drive using balena etcher and dd, and tampered with the EFI partition on the USB once or twice, but nothing I do changes the essential fact: OS Core installs successfully, OS Lite appears to install successfully but will not boot.

If you are using EFI boot, then in BIOS, there is no need to be set to Legacy.

There is no difference between Core and Lite as far as the Ubiquity installer nor boot, so I do not see how being Core or Lite is related to the no boot issue. It may be that the download of the Lite .iso or the burning of it to the USB stick is the issue.

First step I would take on the Lite install would be to run Boot Repair:

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