One game stands out!

Some of you may know that I'm gamer despite I'm no teenager and a couple of years hit the 50. One game stands out in my huge collection of games on Steam and that is "Pathfinder: WotR". I got almost 6500 hours of play of that game since it was released. If you like DND/Pathfinder or RPG genre you should get this game. It's well crafted and endless possibilities to customize your character.

This is my latest character:

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I read about how Mick Jagger said that Rockstars may get about 5 years of popularity before they are deemed too old.
They are still rockin'.

When games were introduced (during our lifetimes), like Mick Jagger, we assumed it was only for the young. But the youth age along with the games and we do not stop enjoying recreation just because time passes and we get older.

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True. I gamed on Vic20 and C64 in the early 80's as a boy and gaming followed up by the years.

Here's another character of mine:

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