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If only there was support for my files in my personal OneDrive...

I believe you can connect your Microsoft account with Zorin, but that only accesses emails and calendar and I'm aware of Microsoft Exchange connections, but I want just my personal files.

Unless there is a safe alternative I could use. Is there?

I have no experience setting this type of drive accounts, but I found this thread on the Microsoft's community forums that points to this open source OneDrive Client for Linux.

Again, not sure how easy it is to setup and configure but it looks like there's a documentation page for that.

Also, for reference, you can check this thread on setting up Google Drive. Just in case something mentioned there could be applied for your case.

I think it looks very complex, so I found this instead:

It's called 'OneDriver' and it's supposed to be an easy client for syncing files.

I found another client 'Insync' before that, but I realised that was a paid client.

That looks like a decent choice. I agree with the statement in the video "we use the tools that are right for us", so if this one works out for you then simply keep on using that. It'd be nice if you could come back after a few days and confirm how was your experience like. This will help immensely for other people looking for a solution to this very problem.

As for the program that I found earlier, I followed the installation instructions and they seem very command-line focused which may be daunting for beginners. I don't currently have a OneDrive account so I can't really testify how well it would work, but I'll try to install it and test it on my end just to have more options, again for people wondering the same question.

In case it helps someone who may be looking for a OneDrive client and is not too comfortable working at the terminal prompt, I wrote a quick guide on how to get started with the onedrive client.

I don't know which client is better but this one seems more active as far as development is concerned, and it seems to have more configuration options for those who may need a customizable workflow.

That said, I still recommend to try out different options and then decide which one works best for your use case.

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Was just about to post your tutorial link but you beat me to it! :wink:

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There is a way to add Onedrive, I've been using it and it works just fine.

If you are interested, I also wrote another quick guide on how to use Cryptomator. This will allow you to encrypt your files inside a particular folder, which you can then place inside your synced OneDrive folder (it works with any other cloud provider as well).

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