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Copy-paste in Online Accounts. I am using Google drive in Online Account and each time I copy paste something from it on Desktop, the whole name of the file/folder changes on Desktop:

In that screenshot, the name of the file in Google Drive is test.txt but once I paste it on my Desktop, it becomes that long characters name.

Not only that it changes the folder/file's name, that would not be such a big problem, but it totally alters the file's properties that it's not even recognized anymore once it's pasted on Desktop. For example, there's a WordPress plugin in there in Online Accounts -> Google Drive, I paste it on my Desktop and it changes its name to dsfgdfgdfgjkmcmdcsdcd but it's still a ZIP. But that's not recognized as a ZIP. On the opposite, if I simply go to the browser -> Google Drive, download it from there, it is saved fine on Desktop and recognized as a ZIP.
Man, that's freakin annoying so if someone has an answer, TIA.

I know nothing about Google drive that can help, but have you considered using something that fully supports Linux? Google's Apps to Linux are only half baked, just saying.

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I'm using Onedrive and Mega, I don't have those issues with either.

Mega supports Linux natively, you may want to look into using that instead of Google.


Mega is a good option. Using it myself too.


And you don't have to worry about Google scanning your stuff, telling you what you can and can not have

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Thanks for the tip, I will try that. I see there are 20Gb free, the only thing I an reluctant about is that I don't really trust 3rd parties like that. They can go out of business in no time, but Google is well...Google.

Can you let me know more about the scanning and why do you say that you can't have? I store many types of files on Google Drive but never had a problem with them.

I couldn't be bothered with worrying about planning my life around such things. Though a simple google search tells you they have been in business since 2013. And they also have millions of users. I've been using them for years trouble free.

This has been reported that Google is going to and has already started to scan all your files. It's been all over the news everywhere for months now. They have already started to do so and people are posting how their files are being locked out. All you have to do is do a simple google search on this and you can read all about it.

Just because a company is big doesn't make them good to use. Google is just as bad if not worse in some cases than MS. I don't want Google all over my system, it kind of defeats the purposes of leaving MS.

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I barely have 5 mins to read the topics here, really don't have time to start with a new cloud provider, setup an account, linking it into linux, etc. I will stick with Google Drive now but I am a little concerned that the creators of Zorin cannot answer such an important question...

Everybody's issues is important --> to them.

It takes 5 min. to set up Mega. It comes with 2 .deb packages which requires that you double click on them. Just scroll down to Ubuntu 20.04. Then login, that's it.

Regarding Google as I said it before they only support Linux with a half heart and is a pain to use. Have you considered that the issue may be at their end?


I have no idea what important question you asked that they would need to respond to. They have nothing to do with Google drive, which is the subject of this post. Your issue is with Google, not Zorin. You should perhaps seeks assistance from Google. I wouldn't expect much as Google is known not to respond to anyone or anything. Google does not fully support Linux, and what they do have is half baked.

I believe you're the first person to ever post anything like this. If it was happening with everyone, then Zorin may want to look into the cause. But that isn't what is happening here. Plus nobody here knows what else you have on your system or have done to your system.

You seem to have many "concerns" but not willing to make any effort in alleviating them. I had my Mega set up in less time than it took Onedrive. It was two clicks of the mouse and a sign in. Couldn't be easier... We're all busy and have things in life going on...

If you're not willing to help yourself even a little bit, then there is nothing left I can help you with. Good Luck


Your tone says it all, not sure why you posted here. If you don't have anything valuable to add in helping me solve my problem, I would appreciate it if you would just stay out of this thread. Your superior tone is not welcomed on my thread, thanks for your understanding!

The Display Name given to a file is stored in the metadata of the file. The dsfgdfgdfgjkmcmdcsdcd you are seeing is the actual name of the file. The display name is the name that you expect to see, but since it is in the metadata, it may not display properly due to how Google coded this. This issue can happen on any Distro and any OS, and it can happen on Windows, too. It can even happen from moving a file from one Google Drive to another Google Drive- which is how I first noticed it.
This is a Google issue that you can read more about here:

A bit like actual name and display name above... "I do not have time to..." can be considered a Display name, with the actual name being "I do not want to."

I am probably one of the busier people on this forum. I am managing my own extensive work, Yet, I make time to help others on here often.
The ZorinGroup is quite busy meeting development demand for Zorin OS variants, Zorin-Grid and Zorin-Direct-Upgrade.
Please ensure that your expectations can meet your own time demands when you expect us to meet your time demands.

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