Online Accounts

I have a feeling this is a dumb question....

In Settings, there is an area called Online Accounts. It appears to allow me to log into MS and Google services. Why would I want to do that? Would that make my calendar updated with those accounts? If I do it, have I nullified one of my main reasons to explore Linux by leaving the big data collection corporations?


Yes you can use calendar, mail etc. It all sync's like you do on your iphone or android device. I synced my gmail account so i can see my mails and a pop up sometimes from my calendar.

I don't think this will gather any data or something.

You know not everyone wants to leave everything behind. Some people that switch to linux just want to leave microsoft stuff behind but they need google services. Those options being there is why zorin os appeals to so many users i think.

Most distro’s has this “gnome” feature.

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Then i need to rephrase my words and say gnome desktop. Still my point is the same.


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