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enjoying using zorin 16 Pro.
My audio and Video Editing software works great, quick to load and no bugs yet.
But, yes there is a But and it is the software store.I just cannot understand why include something that doesnt work great. Yes, i have included on my system synaptic, but to me this is the quick fix. I have read many thoughts from forum members on this topic and there seems to be many arguments for including software store in zorin for newbies coming across from windows because of its likeness to the app store in windows 10. Yes i will admit that the software store looks great, but the big difference is the app store in windows 10 works as it was meant too. I personally think the software store just needs to be fixed .I have previously spoken on this forum regarding the software store, so enough from me and i will end it here.


You are not wrong, you are right. But technically, Zorin's don't make the software center. So, its up to whoever made the software center, to make improvements to it. Then again, I guess if the Zorin bro's want to take a giant deep dive into the code, maybe they could actually make it better.

But if you ever looked at a window filled with millions of line of code, its like, Star Treker's brain has crashed, blue screen of death. This error is probably due to data overload. Consider adding more RAM. Press CTRL ALT DEL to restart.

Proceeds to press CTRL ALT DEL, sudden my eyes turn off, and smoke comes out of my ears, while you hear a mechanical hard drive spin down sound, with a few sparks coming out where the sun don't shine.

Ohhhhhhhhh, thats not good. Too much code. :rofl: Glad your enjoy Zorin OS 16. I am Star Treker, nice to meet you. LMAO! :joy:


They can just replace Gnome Software with Synaptic Package Manager

Just for your info, MX Linux does not have a Software centre.


I understand why you would see it this way. That being said, Linux is filled with alternative software. There are many viable choices a person can use.
Using Synaptic over gnome-software is more of a preference than a quick-fix.

Synaptic has your tools and options organized and laid out within reach. Software hides what few it offers behind an outdated Minimalist appearance.
To my eyes, Synaptic is the proper application for the job.


I vote for Synaptic and Store as used by Feren O/S


I use the software store when I wanna do a super quick installation.

I use Synaptic when I want to do more complicated stuff, like install library files, fixing broken packages, or installing hard to find software, that the software store oddly doesn't list.

I recommend Synaptic Package Manager, because it is indeed the best. Having said that however, nothing beats a good PPA install at your side. :wink:

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Thanks for everyones input.
I did come across another software store for Ubuntu called "App Grid".
Does look pleasing, has anyone tried it.

Zorin OS 16 uses their own version of that APP GRID. It was talked about a whole lot back when Zorin OS was in early BETA. Anyways, it works good enough for me.

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