Only manually Boot via UEFI-Bios

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Some time ago I installed ZorinOS. At first there were problems and it failed because as I understood it could not install a bootloader. To understand: on sda I have Windows, then I have sdb that is a pure data hard drive that is formatted with ntfs, but also actually only contains data that I do not need on my SSD, but also use independently of Windows with Linux. On sdc I have installed Zorin. Also here on the sdc partition I put the bootloader. After I did that, ZorinOS also installed itself. However, when I want to boot Zorin, I have to go into the UEFI bios and select the hard drive to boot Zorin. I guess that the grubloader belongs in sda, but it could not be created via the Zorin installer. Does anyone have any ideas how to install and configure grub afterwards?

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You should be able to install grub from the boot repair program run from the live installation media. Start a live session and search boot repair to view the options to move/install grub. I did this on my system with Win 11 and Zorin 16. Some information about your drive setup would help others to help you. You can do this with Gparted and take screens shots to post here .

sudo apt install gparted

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