Opening GUI of touchegg

Because Zorin 16 uses GNOME desktop whereas Zorin 15 uses either XFCE or GNOME. Different desktop may require different solutions.

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Yeah, my entire desktop environment is gnome, the only thing I've changed in that regard is the default file manager ( Nautilus to thunar)

Because this:

would need to be =9 on Zorin 15. I was just checking if that was the trouble (it's not, since you are on 16).

I still think it is much easier to install Flatpak version from Software, unless there is absolute necessity to avoid Flatpak.


I agree with @FrenchPress. I actually like Flatpak and Snap even though most others hate it....I know most snap apps are buggy and laggy but I usually use .deb or apt to download those particular packages. All others are flatpak. I don't use any snap packages right now (I used WPS Office and Bluej previously). As far as storage is concerned I have lots of them, so I don't really have any issue with it.

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A contradiction, here...


Yep, I clearly made a mistake there. Edited it now....I liked the snap version of WPS office which was very smooth and faster as compared to the .deb package. I also tried Bluej (the snap version) to get rid of a bug but the bug existed in the snap version as well. Look here:


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