Openstreetmap with graphhopper

Does anyone have idiot-level instructions for setting up route planning on Openstreetmap? I’ve got a Graphhopper account but that’s as far as I’ve managed. Any ideas gratefully accepted.


Good to see you joined over niceone.
The Website “linuxbabe” often has some pretty good guides. Here is one for what you asked:

Be sure to have enough RAM!

Looking over that guide, the first thing that pops into my head is “Sooner you than me.”

Thanks very much for the info. Actually, my Gmail addy is zorinbabe, this being my first encounter with Linux (though I was an HP-UX sysadmin in the early 90s, now totally forgotten). Bearing in mind your remark about RAM, together with the “Rather you than me”, is encouraging me to stay with Gargle maps on my old tablet.

Best rgds



One of the greatest things about migrating to Linux for me was the Whole New World of it to exlpore. Ever Capt. Eager, I often bit off more than I could chew.
And often, I found a better and simpler way of doing something after I toiled for a week trying to get some obscure thing to work.

It is not ever my intent to discourage.

But in the real world… We do sometimes need to remember the learning curve and stick to a path we can manage before trying to climb mountains.
This does not mean we cannot climb mountains. Just need to remember to train first so that we do not tackle them too soon.

As an alternative:

When I searched for Open Street Map this came up as an alternative with a much longer address. I am having major issues with my current ISP - Can’t wait for the switch to the new one on 15.9! So please advise if you can’t connect.