Optimization with a large amount of RAM

I have a Core i5-10400, 32 GB of RAM, an Intel NVMe SSD, a btrfs file system, I did not do a swap file when, Zorin OS 16 Pro. The "preload" package is installed, - the current version from the debian unstable repository.

Tell me, what software tools can improve the performance of the operating system? In particular, so that some applications and processes open faster and stay in RAM as much as possible.
For example, the same gedit, peazip, ferdi, mailspring are still not opening as fast as we would like.

У меня Core i5-10400, 32 Гб оперативной памяти, SSD Intel NVMe, файловая система btrfs, файл подкачки не делал, Zorin OS 16 Pro. Пакет "preload" установлен, - актуальной версии из репозитория debian unstable.

Поскажите, какими программными средствами можно повысить быстродействие операционной системы? В частности, чтобы некоторые приложения и процессы открывались быстрее и максимально находились в оперативной памяти.
Например, тот же gedit, peazip, ferdi, mailspring открываются всё-таки не так быстро как хотелось.

Hi, priviet,

You should use the software called preload.
It observes how you use the computer and then preload in the RAM the software that you use the most.

sudo apt install preload

Enjoy !


I put it on. But as far as I understand, the computer needs to be restarted more often? It works for me as a file server, and reboots are not very frequent....

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Aside from chrlyc's suggestion... There isn't much else. Employ as few flatpak or Snap packages as possible and perhaps disable any Power Saver Features.
You might try testing out Zorin OS 16 Lite when it is released and see if it does the job.


Great idea. Reinstalled some packages via the terminal - instead of snap and flatpack.

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