OS 16 Core with xfce

Yep. Log out and select which desktop you wish to log into and log in.



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I must not have understood your command line for adding the repository:

Can you tell me what I did wrong? I did click on the link in your post above "Index of /xubuntu-dev/staging/ubuntu" but it would not open for me.

@Aravisian I think I see the error of my ways. Maybe you can ignore my request and help some others.

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Hello @Aravisian,

It's me, the newbie. I did everything above on OS 16. But couldn't get 4.16 installed. Just kept saying 4.14 is installed. Plugin also not available no matter how many times I redid all the steps.

I rebooted and noticed Zorin Desktop, XFCE Session, Zorin on Wayland are available now. What are the difference between the two Zorin ones?

Also how do I get rid of all the changes and revert back to stock OS16 desktop now? I personally am not a fan of the XFCE look.:joy:


I am not sure without re-tracing all your steps. I know the technique works as I have xfce 4.16 and Zorinmenu Lite on my machine.

Zorin Desktop is the Gnome desktop on X-window manager. Zorin Wayland is Gnome on the Wayland manager.
You can do a netsearch on Wyaland to find out what all the fuss is about and how it is better than X-window manager - and why it is hopelessly broken.

Log in on Zorin Desktop and from terminal, run:

sudo apt remove --purge xfce4 lightdm