OS Version Ultimate

Hi. I want to purchase the ultimate version. However, I have a doubt. If I now buy the 15.3 ultimate iso, and if a new version of ultimate iso is released, do I have to buy that or can I upgrade the 15.3 to the newer version for free?

Any new versions of 15 will be free. When version 16 comes out you would need to pay again.

Would I have to reinstall everything when I upgrade to the version 16?

This thread discussed this and going from 15 to 16 would be a fresh install.


Does this also apply to the Zorin Core versions?

I assume so. They are all the same underneath. Ubuntu with different DE’s and applications.

If the ubuntu could allow to upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04 directly from terminal using do release upgrade, why can’t Zorin?

Ubuntu seems to be able to be directly upgraded where Kubuntu can’t, as far as I can tell.

I assume as Ubuntu controls everything it can directly upgrade. Kubuntu is Ubuntu + KDE, and I assume its too much to upgrade Kubuntu’s underlying Ubuntu and then make sure it can upgrade KDE at the same time. The same situation Zorin is in. Having to upgrade Ubuntu and then apply all their changes without a hitch.

This is only my opinion, maybe others k know more.