Over 2000, steam files in catfish?

I have removed "Steam" but have found all these files via catfish file search, I am not reinstalling steam, so is there a way to delete theme all at once, as I could in Windows? and should I?

How did you uninstall it? Normally, configuration files are left behind in the system which can be useful if you re-install the same program in the future. If you want to delete them as well you can run this on the command line:

sudo apt purge <package_name>

Unfortunately this won't help if you already removed it, but just mentioning for future reference. There are probably ways to achieve the same using the Software Store or some other graphical interface, such as Synaptic, but I'm not very familiar with those.

For now though, it looks like most of those files are sitting on the trash directory. My first instinct would be to just empty the trash can and run the search again to see what's left.

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Thank you, sorry but where do I find "TRASH CAN" the rubbish bin is empty?

The screenshot shows them as in


If you are on Zorin Core you can just open Nautilus and on the left sidebar you should see it as "Trash".

Other file explorers likely have a very similar way to access the trash can. Otherwise, just navigate to that directory as mentioned by Aravisian and delete from there.


Many thanks it's easy when you know!


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