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Hi! Does anyone know how to override the log out button's functionality on the UI? Like instead of logging out a user it instead runs a script that lets say creates a file somewhere. Thanks!

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If you are talking about the logout button in the menu, it depends on which kind of menu you use(correct me if I am wrong). I use whisker menu and I can set the commands of different buttons as you can see below.

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Do you mean, you want to use two parallel user?

I am not sure what the default menu is. But I am talking about this menu:

Couldn't find anything related to "Whisker" on my system

Nope, just want to override what happens when you hit the "Log Out" button.

Well, the thing is you are on gnome. Whisker menu is only on xfce(correct me if I am wrong).

The LOCK LOG OUT RESTART SHUTDOWN buttons are system based function buttons. There is no way in heck that you are changing what those do, unless you suddenly become a programmer, and change the code under the hood.

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I mean, he could be a programmer.

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You never know, he may want to assign the restart key to his car. Wake up in the morning, hit the restart button, warms the car up.

When the neighbors get too noisy and won't shutup about about their lives that they think is more important then everybody else's that they won't be quiet, then you assign the shutdown button to activate accoustic noise dampening mode, seal all exits, seal all windows, close off air vents.

Then when the world is getting just to much for you to handle, you can assign the log out button to activate deep meditation and relaxation sounds, go to sleepy time.

When a burglar shows up on your property, you see him/her on the CCTV, you can assign the lock key to activate the automated sentry turrets.

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Doing all this would be cool. I guess that is why programmers are cool.

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