Pantalla Negra intentando instalar Zorin Os 16 core

Would recommend booting the Zorin OS installer USB In "Safe Graphics".

To do this manually, boot the USB and hit the tab key or the e key at the Boot Menu to enter the Grub Editor.
Scan the page looking for "quiet splash" and when you find it, add nomodeset one space after splash so that it is quiet splash nomodeset.
Then continue to boot and test.
Nomodeset will stop the Nvidia Graphics from trying to initialize before the kernel has loaded the drivers.

It remains in the EFI partition bootloader.

2 months ago I installed the Beta of Zorin Os 16 core on my laptop along with Windows 10, and a week ago I eliminated it, I wanted to install it again today and when I select the usb where I have the ISO and I select the First option to install Zorin Os it screen remains dark, with the other options it also remains dark.
PS: when I uninstalled Zorin Os the first time in the boot options I kept getting Ubuntu. I don't understand why it kept coming out if I had uninstalled it
My laptop is an Asus Q524u
I7 -6500u
12gb ram
2tb hdd
Nvidia 940MX

but if the first time I let myself do it easily and now not?

no, it still does not work for me, it continues with the dark screen

What is the Built In Graphics Card manufacturer?


try to install Linux Mint, but the same problem occurs, when selecting any installation option the screen remains black and does not load

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I see. No intel built in card?
Nomodeset will not work for you if there is no intel card to fall back to on init.
Please see this post here if it can help you:

the problem will be with the efi partition? that won't let me install any linux distro?

Intel hd520

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Ok, so you have Built in Onboard Intel hd520 graphics (skylake).

Have you installed Zorin OS, but it boots To a Black Screen?
IF so, hold the Left Shift key at the BOOT to enter into the Recovery Menu.
From the recovery menu, arrow key or tab key to "Enable Networking". Once you have enabled networking, back out to the REcovery Menu and arrow key to "Drop to Prompt."

Hit the Enter key
Then in the terminal prompt:

sudo apt purge xserver-xorg-video-intel

sudo rm /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/updates

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Once all of that is finished, exit the recovery menu and try booting up.

no, I have not been able to install it, I have been trying to install it for 2 days, but when pressing any of the installation options the screen goes black and does not load

are you able to RUN the LIVE USB and Try Out Zorin without it going black or crashing?

In the usb there is only the ISO of Zorin, to install, that was the configuration that I put through Rufus, not the one to run live

Any download of Zorin OS is a Live Media.
IF you boot from USB or DVD to the Zorin OS live media, it should have the option to "Try Zorin".

I have Windows 10 installed on the laptop and I want to have dual boot next to zorin Os, I already did it once but uninstall Zorin Os, that is, from windows format the Zorin Os partition and now I want to reinstall it but the screen goes black when I touch any option to install from USB where the ISO is located

Have you booted from the USB and selected the option "Try Zorin" at the boot menu?

Hello, @Die_macOs_die!

How about to use Balena Etcher for installing Zorin OS 16 Core? It's a better option than Rufus.



ya lo hice y nada, cuando presiononla opcion de instalar en el menú del boot la pantalla se pone negra y no pasa más nada

¡Hola, @Die_macOs_die!

¿Has logrado concluir la instalación? Acabo de recordar que tuve el mismo problema mientras trataba de instalar Zorin OS 15.3 Core al lado de Windows 10 (dual boot). Pero al instalarlo individualmente, lo logré.

Saludos desde Brasil,


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