Partition and Access Issues

Hi Team,

I have followed installation steps mentioned on Zorin portal and the installation completed successfully.

While installing, I have chosen LVM.

However, I’m facing below issues, can you please help me?

Note: These issues might be simple but I’m newbie to Linux.

  1. I do see a Computer directory under other locations, but I’m not able to create any folder or file.

In propertie, i do see the owner mentioned as root.

How can I create folders pr files ?

  1. How to create a new volumes. For example, A drive , E drive etc.

My goal is to create new volumes (drives) and use them (read&write)

Hi and Welcome.
First off is Zorin the only system in use?
Second did you choose automatic install?

Personally I always use the something else method.
First create a 512 Mb FAT32 partition for EFI (secure boot if your BIOS supports it).
Second create a Primary Partition of 80 Gb and format to Ext4 FS and mark it as '/'.
Third create an Extended partition and at the END of the partition create a swap area that is equal to double your physical RAM. Then all of the space before the swap area formatted to Ext4 and mark as '/home'.
I never use LVM as have read others having issues regarding it. There is a name for it but can't remember the name.

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