Partition Scheme for Zorin (and removing Windows 10)

I plan to remove Windows 10 from my old Acer laptop. Currently it has 3 partitions: (C with 193 GB), (D with 390 GB) and (E with 345 GB).

When I install Zorin 15 core, I want to use the “Something else” option which lets me create or resize the partitions. I have 2 questions regarding this.

  1. Do the 3 partitions from the Windows 10 scheme remain? If so, can they be resized to one partition and then divided again in the Zorin installation?

  2. For a 1 TB HDD, what is the general partitioning scheme for /boot, /home, / , /var, and swap?

Any other recommendations with regards to erasing, partitioning either OS is welcome!

Thanks in advance

  1. Once you choose Something else, it will take you to the partition screen. Use “-” button on that screen to delete partitions and “+” button to create them. Delete the existing Windows partitions (delete all of them first) and then create root, swap, home, and ESP/EFI (50 MB). ESP/EFI depends on if you have UEFI turned on in your BIOS, otherwise you don’t need it (the installer will tell you if you need it). If you have multiple drives, please make sure you select the correct drive in the drop down menu at the bottom of that screen.
  2. For any size drive, min 15 GB for root (I recommend 20), swap is twice your RAM, rest is home.
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Thank you for your quick response. Appreciate the help. I’ll try it out soon and report back!

Please also remember that you can only have a maximum number of FOUR primary partitions on a drive. While you may see more than four on some machines, that is do to a hack some manufacturers use that divides a primary partition into sub-partitions.

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Understood…yeah I’ll keep it to the bare minimum required. Thanks for the warning though. Appreciate it

@carmar @Aravisian - Successfully installed it on my old laptop and it works like a charm. Thank you for your help with it!