Password is wrong based on use character z and!

Zorin OS 16Lite multiple attempts ultimately failed.

First of all: I am a lbeginner when it comes to Linux.

AMD A4-1200 Prozessor mit AMD Radeon™ HD 8180 Grafik
500 GB Festplatte mit 7.200 UpM
4 GB DDR3L SDRAM Arbeitsspeicher
High-Definition-Audio mit 2 Lautsprechern
Dolby® Advanced Audio™ zertifiziert
25,4 cm/10" Multitouch-Widescreen-LED-Backlight-Display
mit einer HD-Auflösung von 1.366 x 768 Pixel.
Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11n-Standard-Technologie mit integrierter Bluetooth-4.0-Funktion
USB 3.01
Integrierte HD-Webcam und Mikrofon
Multikartenleser für SD-, SDHC-, SDXC- und MMC-Speicherkarten
MEDION® Clickpad
MEDION® Solid Keyboard
Netzwerkcontroller (10/100 Mbit/s)

Created a bootable USB stick.

First installation hangs. No reaction.

Second installation runs through (dual boot). Unfortunately I used a z and the ! in the password. Therefore wrong password when trying to log in. Despite several attempts considering the keyboard layout DE USA wrong password. Workarounds don't help, because it always asks for the password. I created another user via the console. Now everything works with the same rights.

In the emergency after long searches repeated installation carried out. Stuck almost at the end. No reaction. Cold start. New password, this time without z and without !. Wrong password again.

Honestly, I would reinstall Zorin OS and choose a different (and simpler) password. It is a fresh install, so not much need for trying to salvage it.

Please remember that this is a password that you will be asked for a lot - It does not really need to be Majorly secure - the system just needs to generally know that You Are You, is all. For other security measures, other things are in place or can be set up.

So, choose a Simple Password that you can easily and quickly type. Unless you have a gremlin living in your home that is out to get you, that is all you need for your Personal Access password.

Tanks. Is a installation possible without further actions or do I have to uninstall or delete something first?

You can install the same way you already have, with no need to delete anything or take any extra steps.
You can do so if you want to, though, by choosing the "something else" method and using the partition manager to delete or reconfigure partitions you want to install on.

I will do this in the first way and come back here to report what is

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There is an Workaround on the Heise webpage "forgoten Ubuntu Password". This steps helps.

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