Password only on start up not on black outs

Installed Zorin OS 16.1 Core. Working fine, but after a few minutes screen goes black and I have to sign in with password again. Is there any way to set password request only for when starting up? Or set the time for blackout screen for 2 hours or something like that? Frustrating to have to enter password several times during sessions. Thank you!

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Its ok, I figured it out! I went into "Settings" then into "Power" then set "Blank Screen" to "Never". That takes care of that. I use a laptop so if I shut the lid, then anyone opening it has to put in the password. Perfect!

Thank you. I did manage to figure it out, but I thank you for your link. I checked it out and the link info works great too! Thanks again for your response!

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Well, you can have screen blanking after a selected time delay without needing a password to restore. You only need move the mouse or press any key. Just be sure that "Automatic Screen Lock" is OFF.

Thank you, I will check this out as well!

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