PC Software Needs Com1

Old HP EliteBook running Zorin 16.
Used only for 1 diagnostic program, Auto Enginuity. Requires Com1. Software installed ok, opens and runs ok. But can't connect via USB to truck.
Error: try connecting manually to COM1.
I knew DOS and Unix years ago, but don't know Zorin.
Background: Was running fine in windows 7, but someone "did me a favor" and installed windows 10 that F'ed everything. Installed Zorin 16.
I really don't want to reinstall win7.

Honestly, I run my Auto Diagnostic software on Zorin using WINE. It is much easier than trying to adapt it to run on Linux.
You can install with

sudo apt install zorin-windows-app-support

It's worked flawlessly for me.

I must not have been clear. Software was installed with wine. I'm not trying to adapt anything. Just get PC software to work on Zorin.

Which version of Wine are you using?

wine --version

Take a look at this other diagnostic software manual and go to the GNU/Linux section on setting up USB as COM. Hope it helps.


Whatever comes with Zorin 16.

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Ok, in that case, it should work. But there may be some manual configuration necessary...
A guide is probably better than a post:

This refers to Crossover, rather than WINE. It is the same thing. Wine is made by Crossover. Crossover is just the pay-for version.
You will look to the "Newer" instructions.

Thanks everybody for your help. I did get the software to recognize the port using Adding COM Ports manually in Wine – K6ETA Amateur Radio Blog
But while it recognizes the truck, it quickly has a error that stops the program. I ran out of time, so installed win7 and it works fine now. This laptop is only used for this diagnostic program and never goes on line, so running an old windows isn't risky.

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