Performances issues with Zorin Lite


I switched from Zorin Core to Lite but even after this I have performances issue with my laptop. It's faster than Zorin Core and windows 10 but sometimes I work for 10 mins and it crashes I have no idea why, all is froze and after fews mins it doesn't unfreeze so I have to restart using power button which is annoying.

I wonder how I can improve that. It looks like if an app is taking too much ressources it doesn't pause or stop process so even OS itself has problem.

I noticed that brave browser was taking a lot of RAM it might be the reason?

After some people told me I switched all apps I could from flatpak/snap to .deb install but still not better...


Thanks for your time

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As you can see on your screenshot, you have a ton of crash reporters running, so try opening their corresponding app and disabling problems reporting and crashes handling options to see if performance improves.

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I think that too, your ram 4 gig, and a lot of opened tabs in brave or chrome browsers consume your ram.
to avoid that , u need to use extension in your browser to sleep unused tabs. or you can use (nohang) tool , it's good tool that notify u to close unused tabs or unused apps before craching.

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By the way, for those who know, is it normal to have so many identical or similar processes apparently doing the same thing with such high memory usage?

A test for RAM that is quite simple would be to monitor RAM usage in real time, then clear it out when it surpasses 85% using:

It can be, yes. Check the PID.
But it also is worth checking Brave Browser for a memory leak (Which would be an unsurprising outcome...)


Sorry for late response, I changed of somputer and now I have 8gb of ram and better processor and all is fine :slight_smile:

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