Persistent Gnome Interface Issues on Zorin OS 16.3: Seeking a Lasting Solution

I'm experiencing consistent issues with the Gnome interface on Zorin OS 16.3 x86_64. Whenever I try to minimize a window, it becomes transparent and doesn't return to normal visibility. At other times, the desktop area disappears and becomes unusable. I've been able to address these issues by using the ALT + F2 shortcut and entering "r" to restart Gnome, but I'm looking for a more permanent solution to avoid having to do this repeatedly. Does anyone know how to resolve this? Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

You might begin with

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop

if reinstalling gdm3, follow any in terminal prompts to configure gdm3 as your default display manager.

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I will test this solution and check by the end of the day if the error persists. Thank you.