Pictures directory in left side of File manager won't open (Oops error)

  1. I have gone into cat ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs and changed XDG_PICTURES_DIR="$HOME/" to XDG_PICTURES_DIR="$HOME/Pictures" to correct the issue many times but .... after saving, logging out and logging back in it always returns to back to XDG_PICTURES_DIR="$HOME/.

  2. Also, full page screenshots (alt+Print) now save to Home and should by default save to a /Pictures/Screenshots like most of the rest of the Linux world including Fedora.
    Enjoying Zorin OS 16.3 very much but unless you can advise fixes for these core basics, I cannot live in Zorin World. Thank you..

The default location in Zorin OS Core is indeed XDG_PICTURES_DIR="$HOME/Pictures"

Can you please relay the terminal output for:

grep -ri "xdg-user-dirs-update" /etc/

Something is creating a non-default situation. It may be some autostart software that you installed or a startup script.

You can workaround this issue by using chattr to make the file immutable:

chattr +i ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs

You can reverse this if needed in order to make changes:

chattr -i ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs

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Thank you for offering help on this. here is the output of requested terminal output>
/etc/xdg/user-dirs.conf:# This controls the behaviour of xdg-user-dirs-update which is run on user login

Is that the total output? If so, that is odd...
Have you tried making the user directories file immutable?