Pirated Versions are getting UPDATED and Ppl are leaving after a horrible non-Zorin experience

Hey guys, its getting scary, HOW are they updating pirated Pro-Isos
To my shame, I did try one in a VM and to my knowledge, it seemed like they did the update in a VM, not the OS, and wrapped it all as an updated version of Zorin-Pro which will damage your reputation because this process will more often than not result in a corrupted iso that either will throw ppl off by not installing correctly or a buggy, laggy OS that will be one's only taste of Zorin OS


Almost all of Iranian Software websites are putting up a Zorin-Pro iso, they never put up any Linux distro. one step removed are our comrades in Russia responsible; not Russiagating, certain private Russian websites proudly presented the 1st version 6 hours after official release

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I posted all of the related stuff about this in the main thread this is redundant now

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