Playing games with Steam

I have Zorin OS Pro 16.3 and I do a lot of key dancing to get games to play.
One time it will play by using Proton Experimental and another time it won't. I've been able to play some games that aren't even Linux games by just choosing a different Proton version when I access the gear at the right of the game and choose different properties and management options until something works.
(sorry this may be cringe-worthy for most but I don't know enough about Linux to do anything else)

This last game was a Linux marked game that wouldn't play so I contacted their support and they said:

"Steam for Linux is currently only supported on the latest version of 64-bit Ubuntu LTS with Unity, Gnome, or KDE desktops.

If you are running another distribution of Linux, 32-bit Ubuntu, or an older version of Ubuntu we will not be able to provide support. We recommend you install the latest version of 64-bit Ubuntu for the best Steam experience on Linux."

All of my software is up to date as far as I know. So:

  1. Why would I get this message when I thought I was running the games through what's required because they work, well most of the time.
  2. If I do need what they say I need where do I get the 64-bit Ubuntu LTS.........?
  1. You can ignore that message. It was made to cover the game devs behind.
  2. Zorin OS is build on Ubuntu LTS. And 64-bit is pretty standard today. Depite the message the game(s) should work on any Linux Distros.

Thanks for that. Yeah, I did message them back and told them I'd been playing games that weren't even Linux and by choosing this or that it would end up working. We'll see what his response is now.

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I got a message from Steam saying they were wrong and it should work. They said I should talk to someone about a bug and Github.
When I just went to try the game that should have worked I see a new version on Proton to choose called Proton Beta. We'll see how that goes.