Please can we have a Top Bar

Honestly I know I've spent the last couple of decades of my life having a top bar with other OSes but please can we have a top bar with the logo in it for branding’s sake. I have never kept looking down.

Sure. Move the panel up, and you have a top bar. Pretty simple.

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I know, but for those that want an additional top bar to put the date and stuff can you add a paid add-on theme style.

You could try and install the current Cairo-Dock - on earlier versions of Zorin it ran great, but with all the DE changes and OS changes, some of the great things of Cairo-Dock no longer present.

You will see what I mean from an old video of mine on Vimeo:

The neon Z at bottom is one I created myself - was wanting to create a neon menu and was promised help from another moderator at the time but it never happened.

Here is another example (where I couldn't get the Z icon for the menu due to limitations at the time!)

You can create a top bar or just move the other one up to the top as suggested by @Storm

If you want the logo on it, you are certainly free and able to add it there. I believe also the Pro version has a theme with a top bar. Otherwise just add a theme that uses a top bar.

Easy Peasy


The theme with the top bar is it IOS Style I would get the pro if it is, and it has the night light icon.

You also could try using Gnome Flashback or - use XFCE or Cinnamon which lets you have and fully control as many panels as you like and position them on any side of the screen.
In XFCE, you can resize it into a square and put it in the middle of the screen if you wanted to (and that is not a sarcastic absurdity... picture a transparent circular panel with launchers and you can see why a person may do this.)

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