Please explain... Why would you do away with a forum board that was great for this?

I really can’t comprehend why you would even consider doing such a thing… somebody please explain it for me.

Hi Deeanna,
It may take a bit of getting used to but it makes navigation more easier than the old forum. Give it time - I am sure you will make it. :wink:

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Swarfendor437… you are truly one of the GREATS and I truly hope you are right! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Glad to see you joined over.

The Zorin Group Forum had one primary complaint: Search-ability of the forum. Searching the forum for answers to topics, older posts, etc. was a nightmare.
Many users felt that the forum software was outdated, lacking in features that they had grown accustomed to. For example, the ability to “like” a post to show support for its content, without having to create a new cumbersome post to show that support.

I was familiar with and used to the phpbb software so many of these complaints had little meaning to me.
But it also appears I am outnumbered.
I liked the coloration of the ZorinGroup Forum, too.

However, I like this one in dark mode, even better. Tastes vary and you cannot please everyone.

This forum is also directly a part of the Zorin Webpage and bears the same style and look of the Zorin webpage, which will allow users of Zorin easier access to finding help when they need it as well as a similar look and feel of where they got Zorin OS from.

I was wary of the changeover (many of us who resist change…) but also accepting of the fact that many features were needed, the search function was a necessary fix, change is inevitable and that User demand over-all requested it.
But since the forum launch, I find the immediate previews showing what the post will look like very helpful, the language support for posting style, the coloration, organization and layout as well as search-ability all to be a very refreshing and welcome change.
Will I get used to the New Forum?
I already am. Got a throw rug down and a minifridge.


THANK YOU! As always… a fantastic reply! I freaked when I wanted to contact you and Swarf. Still freaking but hope to start coming out of it soon! Change is always hard when you are use to things being a certain way. I hope this change will serve ZorinOS well!

Are private messages available in this forum?

Forumbot Certificate

Sure hope that worked! I’m trying to understand it …

Smiles! Deeanna

Yes PM’s are still allowed - if you click on any of the avatars in the thread it will open a new window - select ‘message’:


Thanks for explaining that one… I was really worried… lol

Happy to have a little time with you and Aravisian today!

Gotta RUN now… duty calls!

“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”


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Great posts guys!

I agree, the old forum was getting a bit too antiquated, and it stifled us on features. The new forum is better, and I too enjoy the dark mode.

Think of it like getting a new phone, eventually your forced to upgrade to a new one, and the new phone is going to be a little different then your old one. So there is a learning curve there, but eventually, you get the hang of it.

Change is inevitable. The question we face is, can we change along with it? Humanity has got a long way to go before it can humbly answer that question.

Keep your chin up Deeanna! :smile:

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Your ‘sig’ is present in your expanded profile:

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Hello SWARF :slight_smile:

I think you missunderstood. I’m speaking of the signature that goes at the bottom of every post that you make on the forum. There is no signature box to fill in, I don’t think this forum has that system setup, or at least, it hasn’t been enabled by the Zorin team for use.

The developers of the new forum software we use didn’t implement signatures in order to keep conversations looking clean. However, the closest thing would be to write in your profile bio and it’ll appear in the user card that hovers over the page when you click on someone’s username or avatar anywhere on the forum, in conversations and even in topic lists:


Thanks Azorin for explaining! :smile:

I realize that some people do have really crowded sigs, that is very noticeable on forum pages when its not short and organized, so I understand why they made the choice they did to keep that option out.

Also, I want to thank you for helping others transition to the new forum software, it hasn’t gone unnoticed, and it is much appreciated. :wink:


I like this new forum vs the old forum for the sole reason the old forum blue color made it difficult to read. I didn’t know there was going to be a new forum until it was announced. I would have prefered to have the Zorin devs use the SMF (simple machines) forum software. Here are a few examples forums that use SMF:

The forums are well structured, the colors look good, provide easy navigation and it overall they look great.

Hi Privacy, and welcome to the forum! Had a look at those links. Couple of comments. 1. 2 of the SMF created sites look like re-invented PHP boards and the other very narrow plus they all look small print - I will say one thing for the new forum, reading is pure joy! And finding new posts is quicker than the old one. I much prefer this Discourse layout. :wink:

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Uhmm Hmm, I whole heartedly agree sir. Yes indeed. :wink: